The grapes are grown, now What?

The grapes are grown now what? Ripen grapes are harvested when they achieved the desired degree of brix.  Brix (pronounced bricks) is a scale measuring the total dissolved compounds (concentration of grape sugars) in grape juice.    The balance of acids and sugar levels at harvest corresponds to the quality of wine produced.  Grapes are pickedContinue reading “The grapes are grown, now What?”

Welcome to Fermented Sisters blog #1

Welcome, to the first edition of the Fermented Sister’s wine and spirit blog. Well here it goes a fermented rant about wine.  First off the name “Fermented Sister,” as I sit at my desk writing the Three Sisters Mountain (Canmore, Alberta, Canada) looms out my window.  Yes definitely an ahhhh moment.   Which explains the Sister,Continue reading “Welcome to Fermented Sisters blog #1”