The Coffee Project Plunge!

The Coffee Project PLUNGE!

To make the wild idea real, I had to first buy a van.  The quest began with questions, a lot of questions.  What make of van would be the best, what model, what length. Do I buy new or used?  Reading reviews became a nightly norm.  Then viewings, test drives and cost comparisons.  They say you build your first house for your enemy, the second for a friend and the third for you.  Based on this fact and my bank account a used vehicle was the best option.

 I honestly thought I wanted a cargo van, for that stealth look, one look at the passenger van and all its windows and my desire for a cargo van began to diminish. Other factors that played a role in the decision making.

  1. The tiny home/van life boom made finding a used van tricky.  Used cargo vans had higher mileage and a lot less on the market. 
  2. I wanted a high roof, me being realistic and although my bendy parts still bend, I am no longer that spring chicken and getting dressed in a single man tent has lost some of its charm.
  3. The bed needed to be a permanent structure and one that I could sit up in comfortably, (once again it goes back to those bodily bendy parts).
  4. It had to have room for a bathroom, not looking for one, or waiting in line for one, was a very appealing vision.
  5. I wanted a garage area.
  6. And of course, a kitchen prep area/fridge (no propane inside, but it would have a form of cooking for those inclement days).
  7. Storage for clothes, food, bikes etc., (reason for the garage).

To have all my must haves and not have a van that looked like an overstuffed burrito, I made my decision.  Taking the plunge was scarier then I thought.  Is this really happening, am I really going to live my dream as a gypsy?  The answer was yes, a nervous yes, but no less a yes, and with an abundance of excitement 🚐 Stanley was born.

Published by fermentedsister

I feel most alive when I am outdoors surrounded by nature followed by a glass of wine recanting the day's adventure.

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