Are my actions the same as my words, my thoughts?

What better wine to contemplate this thoughts than a Italian Chianti.  Normally this wine for me is a second choice, however on this circumstance of thought and actions it fits the bill perfectly.  Chianti is made to share with food, this is when the true essence of the wine comes to life,  Unlike many new world wine where the winemakers adjust their wines to make them suitable for drinking alone, in true European fashion a Chianti is made to enhance the food and the food is cooked to enhance the wine.  Much like having a thought that is executed into action there is substance behind it.  A good thought is only as good as the action it brings about.    My Friend Maren Hasse recently released her book “Fierce Integrity” a story and workshop on her journey of truth of her thoughts through the words and actions she revealed. 

Which brings about another aspect of Italian wines, for many years money spoke in the wine world and one could gain appellation status by greasing the right palm.  Over the years this has proven detrimental in sales and the Italian’s like me must pull up our socks and start living life with integrate.   To be true to me means telling the truth, regardless of how much I think it may hurt.  For months I have told the little white lie than I left my job when in reality I was in a polite way asked to leave (yup fired).   What a total devastating event for me, yet I survived and am now beginning to tell the truth:  not having to hide the truth has been one of the greatest discoveries.   Everyone is accepting and most have been in similar situations and some even applaud my ability to recover with dignity.  

The Italians too have recognized their errors and are making adjustments, so go ahead pick up that bottle of Chianti, yes before it could of been hit or miss, today they are really trying to be who they say they are.   

The name Chianti is a specific geographical area in the Italian region of Tuscany, and is known for its tangy, medium to high acidity, firm tannin dry red wines.  Made predominately from from the Sangiovese grape (some may add up to 25% of Cabernet Sauvignon, or Merlot), the wine will exhibit aromas and flavors of cherry (tart cherry), with a flora nuance of violet.  Paired with classical Italian dishes  one can see how the wines acidity pairs well with tomatoes, or how well acidity and salt compliment each, think charcuterie meats, it can even counterbalance oily or fatty heaviness in food.  Like they say when in Rome do as the Romans.  Cheers till the next time.  

The Fermented Sister


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I feel most alive when I am outdoors surrounded by nature followed by a glass of wine recanting the day's adventure.

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