Day 1 of the Coffee project. Am I going see anyone. Will I see You!

First off let’s say I despise coffee shops, I mean if I unable to make a reasonable cup of coffee at home for 1/10 of the price why would I go to a coffee shop. Yet here I am convinced by a friend that this would get me “out there”. Divorced, dateless, and far from desperate (I like my time, I like making decisions with only me to consult with), Am I doing this because one day I hope to stumble upon the ever elusive knight in shining armour. So here I am brushing my hair getting dressed, and there it is another bonus to coffee at home it can be done without brushing your hair and clothes are optional.

Should I have some sort of mission statement do I need to clearly outline my objectives. What is the goal??? My partner in crime today suggest that perhaps a relaxed approach may be best for the first day.
Hmmm where to sit, need to be seen, yet also need good scoping locations. Lol location location. Hmmm perhaps my methodology for buying a house can be used here again. Location, upgrades, brightness, price, lol sister’s advice go over budget and get what you want.
So now what, I am here sitting, tea in hand, looking around there are few single people, all collectively staring at their lap tops, more couples, group of ladies, thank goodness one of the servers provided just enough eye candy to sweeten the first day of the Coffee Project. Did I gain any perspective in today’s project? To be honest one day hardly complies enough data to statically make an assumption of good or bad. Happiness is for today a good cup of tea.

Published by fermentedsister

I feel most alive when I am outdoors surrounded by nature followed by a glass of wine recanting the day's adventure.

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