The Coffee Project. 13th Edition

The art of being single, too bad one could not pick up being single like some unique piece at a Farmer’s Market. It just not partnered/married people that expect you to quantify your reasons for being single, single people do it to themselves.  Why do these expectations of reasoning even exist?  Let me begin first to sort out who can be called single, because according to singles not all singles are single.  (Insert a Charlie Brown “Good Grief” here)!  There are those that are single for life, some have been in a relationships but now are single, we have the married but now divorced, currently separated, god bless the soles of the widowed, single but seeking a partner/marriage, publicly single but due to political/religious reasons they keep the closet door closed, and single with children. I most likely missed a group and unintentional now have caused in some minds a catastrophic event likened to a mutated Yeti avenging upon New York City.  OMG, stop the press, stop the press I forgot single people with pets.

Now within this group of singles, you have the onely’s that are happy, proceeding in life chasing rainbows, pooping butterflies without the concern of others jading their reality. Of course for this world to function we require a balanced formula so to offset the free spirited freak (not freaks but I was at a loss for a fun descriptive word when I was writing this,) wait let’s call them gypsies, (I have always wanted to be a gypsy).  OK, so we have the fun loving gypsies balancing out the Debbie/Dave downers, sad, lonely, depressed, bitter singles, protégées of their own negative minds. But wait we have more, (just like those TV ads when you cannot believe the amazing gadget is only 9.99), keep reading and we will add even more groups within this single group.  We will add in “The Advocates,” I know unbelievable and still only $ 9.99 (plus shipping). The advocate believes we are being penalized for being single, OK, I agree with this group, we do generally pay higher taxes, get less benefits and pay more for holidays (dam those single supplement charges), getting back to our earth mathematical formula we balance out the honorable advocates with the Victims, woe is me it is not my fault, and the Seekers of Entitlement, I am single hear me roar now give me more. I have linked the two, the victims and entitlement seeker together as in my mind ( I know my mind should come with some sort of warning, i.e may not be suitable for all viewers) the two are similar, they blame or want someone else to assume responsibility for their current position.

Now that we have exhausted defining singles, (really this little explanation should come with a free glass of wine), what is it really like to be single, I haven’t the foggiest clue!  Being single is being alive just like being married or whatever status you want to put onto yourself. We are all living, so do we have to “single” ourselves out?

Happiness therefore is being alive and able to experience all the nuances of living regardless of the state of our affairs!



Published by fermentedsister

I feel most alive when I am outdoors surrounded by nature followed by a glass of wine recanting the day's adventure.

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