I am an over 50 year old female, divorced who has life somewhat in order,  yet the world around thinks I am missing a key piece.  I am happy, I have a job I like, I enjoy the outdoors, have friends, just no “boy friend/friend with benefits/soul mate/lover.  So I endure the constant drawn out monologues of aren’t you lonely, aren’t, you scared questions.   Why is it to be happy society feel one must be with someone, yet all this new spirtulization that is spilling out into the world teaches us we are responsible for our own happiness. To fit in, or stand out, to settle or keep striving.

The coffee project is a idea to see the world as a outsider and perhaps just gain a different perspective of what is real. Do “real” people go to coffee shops, or is this what people do in order to feel hip?  Could I possibly met someone of like mind, or perhaps so different they turn your world upside down   If someone turns your world upside down could that be like a travel experience to a foreign country, where you welcome the difference and yet are grateful for the comforts of home when you return?

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