CoffeeProject. Day 2l

day two of the coffee project is fast approaching. I just spent a week entertaining guests and working love both and would do it again yet tonight I knew it was my night, no work tomorrow and just me. I do love me time. Grab a glass of wine, head out to the deck to enjoy an evening of self thought. Arrggg there are children outside doing children stuff with high-pitched voices, hmm I could aim and perfectly toss well throw my wine glass at them to make them stop but wait there would shards of glass left and that would harm the environment, alas the annoying children are spared from my evil doings….. As soon as I decided that my thought could cause harm and aborted the mission it started to rain, pour actually and everyone outside was gone There I was a glass of wine in hand, and only the sound of rain around me. Yes it is quite possible that there is a god out there. Which now brings me back to my self thoughts. The coffee project. Should I really be looking for some to enter into my life when I find such contentment in time alone. I have no desire to play snuggles with someone else’s grand children, pets yikes they leave hair behind, so I am looking for a free thinking male with no kids, and enjoy travel.
Hmmm maybe I am hermit in disguise, perhaps what I am looking for is just some sort frequent but not constant lover to have sex with pay for a trip or two and live in his own home so I can have my me time. Right this is why the coffee project is a good idea because my mind really starts to go a bit wacky when I am drinking alone. Well maybe not wacky more like disconbobulated

Rambling thoughts….are my thoughts rambling or is this project going sideways. Normally I would have felt guilty sitting on a day off, should be out in the mountains adventuring yet I need to be responsible. Yes I told myself I would give this a serious go, so after being almost derailed by the farmers market and a surprise showing of a female Zimbabwe Drum band the “KUMBANA MARIBA,” I held true to my values and met my project goal; I know it sounds like such a hardship.
Scanning the tables it was soon evident that single persons were limited ( like 1), if I am going to make the most of this I best get some fresh air; the street tables it is.
1. Children Zero would be best, Oh I know there were some of you that gasped, how could anyone hate children. To clarify children are great, just for me the time interval for their greatness is short.
2. Pets ???? They leave hair, oh and on the note I support fully manscaping
3. Chicken leg guys are out
4. Bowling ball bellies are in the group with chicken legs
5. Wow, although I rarely think of myself as short, I have yet to be mistaken for tall, but there are a lot of men in the shorter variety, hmmmmm, nope still like them tall.
6. Clothing choice is less important than posture
7. Smile, it is just plain beautiful.

People watching at its best, Canmore style everything from the rich to the struggling. And this is where today’s Coffee Project ends. Happiness is getting the warmest smile from the struggling kind group (never hurts when he also fits into the “good eye candy”category).
Smiles are free spread that shit everywhere you go!

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I feel most alive when I am outdoors surrounded by nature followed by a glass of wine recanting the day's adventure.

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