Coffee project day 3

An entire week of company, who has time for coffee shop leisure time when there is laundry to do. I chose to skip the coffee project this week, not because of laundry but because I was very content with my life. Time over and over again as I analyze different peoples lives I find that being single and childless is pretty gosh darn fabulous.

I am really struggling with this need “to find someone” I mean let’s face it the only thing I am truly missing in my life is a warm blooded sexual partner. I welcome the opinion of others, what is it that makes you want to be with someone else in a relationship? How does being with another person make you whole? Take away society stereo typing, and do we truly need someone else to feel whole or is this insecurity a behaviour that is product of someone else’s thoughts.

I feel complete, I get to do what I want when I want to. Why in the world am I looking for someone where I now will have to compromise that, oh wait that warm hug, a sensual kiss, dam those affectionall desires……! Happiness is finding balance amid the emotional and rational chaos we call life.

Published by fermentedsister

I feel most alive when I am outdoors surrounded by nature followed by a glass of wine recanting the day's adventure.

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