The Coffee Project Day 4

One month into the project and the Coffee Project just got real, yes REALLy. I met someone for coffee, a genuine live male person.
Oh Lordy me. As I was getting ready I was going through my head wardrobe options, make up or none, dam if I had a bit more time I may have been able to wax my legs, do a pedicure. To be honest the leg waxing thing for me is a bit of a farce as I have virtually hairless legs and what little there is, is blonde, to see it you basically have to be nose length away from them, this was just a casual meeting, the chance of a close encounter was rare, no sense worrying about that. Make up, yeah no I was cycling to the coffee shop best to avoid any mascara malfunctions What yo wear well bright and cheerful, shorts as it is summer. I could of had more get ready time, however to met my own happiness goals I squeezed in a gym work out. Why am I putting this much effort into this, just do what the guy is going to, shower and put on clean clothes.

Well now that was my first error, assuming clean clothes would be more or less a mandatory selection for meeting someone for the first time. Am I setting standards too high, is a three day warning to meet too little of time to plan for a clean wardrobe. I am not expecting persons to show up in Gucci, a clean Walmart T-shirt is totally acceptable.
So this raised a whole new set of questions, am I listing myself in a high maintenance field because I like clean! I have had conversations suddenly end when I mention neat, and orderly. Sure skip the dusting this week, but clothes should be in closets or in a basket, dishes done daily, sinks/, showers, tubs free of hair and grim, fridge science projects are for 16 year olds, and floors swept or vacuumed. Simple housekeeping, and that goes for the human body as well, manscaped, and showered on a regular basis. I really need to do a survey to see if I am being outright ridiculous for wanting this. Oh oh oh Calgon take me away!
Happiness is cleanliness

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I feel most alive when I am outdoors surrounded by nature followed by a glass of wine recanting the day's adventure.

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