The Coffee Project Edition 7t


One must take every situation and make it their choice. To say someone else has made the choice for you means you are giving up your opportunity to take complete charge of your life. Blame and the sense of entitlement are for the weak. Yes at times my shoulders feel heavy, it is then, I know a new thought needs to be born.

What new cooptations are available to me to illicit a new path? Normally I get all excited about new adventures, so why am I stalling on this one? Go trek in the high Arctic, cross Himalayan passes, solo cycle for months, I am jumping at the bit to get going, yet here I sit wanting to encourage sensual warmth back into my life, and the parking brake is fully engaged.

That parking brake is the new conditions I have added to the friend slash partner project. If I toss my list aside am I settling for what comes my way, wait a second…. I am deserving of a fabulous relationship were my desires are met! Now I am bending over pulling the list from the waste basket, and adding a few more items. The circle is vicious.

Reflectively this is complete nonsense, I remember a time during my youth where there was no list I either liked the guy or I didn’t. By the way, my choices as a youth have eliminated politicians from the list, there are some aspects of one choices that are best kept as memories rather than headline news.

When traveling I set a vague goal, make it to point A and return safely. Would this open and encompassing cogitation work in this circumstance? Well we are about to find out as the list is back in the waste basket and perceived notions are tossed into the wind. I am going to make it to point A and return safely with unknown possibilities, and I kind of like it that way.  The choice to accept or decline is still all mine.

Happiness is freedom from set boundaries. 😃

Published by fermentedsister

I feel most alive when I am outdoors surrounded by nature followed by a glass of wine recanting the day's adventure.

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