The Coffee Project. 9th edition

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”

– Michel Legrand

Fresh Okanagan air, winding vineyard roads with Ethel (my bicycle), countless wine tasting, time with friends, time alone and the above quote is as close as I came to finding me.

Politician bash each other, mass gun shootings make the news more than they should, people are demanding their spiritual, cultural beliefs are honored seemly over my own beliefs, they squabble over GMOs, CEOs, falling economics, one should mediate more, find oneself, live in the moment, having a glass of wine a day is good for you, more is bad, should marijuana be legalized, dear god we are still debating abortions. Pipe lines, processed food, environmentally sustainability, paleo verses vegan diets, and one wonders why they are confused. Easy Peasy…. Break the confusion and go within. My Dad eyes just rolled in his grave, what do you mean find the time to meditate? There are cows to feed, crops to tend to; my grandparents spent their free time ensuring the wood pile was stocked for winter. All the luxuries we have today, we had to invented a new trend, a hype to make ourselves feel useful.  Suddenly we are all Buda monks becoming yoga masters, meditating, feng shuiing our home, manifesting our destinies.

People say they are kind and see the positive while occupying an entire afternoon complaining about some god forsaken situations. Helicopter parents, sanitizers, you need antibiotics because you have a cold, and when did blaming someone become the new in thing rather than assuming full responsibility for your actions. After al it was a choice you made that got you where you are.

Have I made it clear why we/I are/am so confused, and I am wondering why I am still single, yup definitely a bwahahaha moment? The world is a tad messy, throw in the towel or keep swimming?  I will keep swimming, alone or with someone I still have a few items on my bucket I am eager to pursue .

Happiness is knowing regardless how yucky things may seem there is something exciting about dreaming of new possibilities!

Published by fermentedsister

I feel most alive when I am outdoors surrounded by nature followed by a glass of wine recanting the day's adventure.

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