The Coffee Project, the 10th Edition p

A wee bit of a hiatus taken from writing, as I try to find myself, you know dig deep go within oneself, find my purpose, and you know what, I found? There are 8 planets, 204 countries, 809 islands, 7 seas, trillions of people, and men claim to not want drama, or baggage. What no drama, no jumping up and down in excitement, no expression of a opinion that aligns with your heart, no tears of joy or sorrow. Really, you would be over the moon happy with a human being who resembled a zombie or a well medicated person on antidepressants than someone who is able to express excitement or emotions. I guess than I will remain single as I would rather throw myself to the wolves than live a life void of dramatic experiences.
Baggage is the badge of living, I will admit some people haul their’s around as if it’s a burden rather than taking responsibility for their current position and using that baggage to stand on and reach for something new that previously was out of their grasp. If you want me to leave my baggage at the door, sorry that baggage is why I am me and I would be silly to throw it away to please someone else. Therefore I will remain single.
Weeks of inner thought has taught me that their is no “purpose” in life that one should spend hours seeking, rather it’s about seeking new thoughts, filling my world with exciting and emotional events that will propel me to experience a world I have yet to actively participate in. It is about keeping my baggage, my life lessons, my baggage is my passport, my document of proof of where I have been, and where I can go.
So if one must remove drama or toss ones baggage in order to please someone else I say I will stay single and keep pushing the limits till that persons tosses their baggage on top of mine so together we can reach places neither one of us would have been able to attain alone.
Happiness is never settling for normal.

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I feel most alive when I am outdoors surrounded by nature followed by a glass of wine recanting the day's adventure.

3 thoughts on “The Coffee Project, the 10th Edition p

  1. Enjoyed the comments on “The coffee Project”–the 10th edition.
    “To show no emotion”–seems to be a deeply engrained–“virtue”–(to some, anyway)–in the culture we’re living in.You’re not supposed to “feel”–very much–(especially if you’re a man)–in this society.
    I too share this disgust with the idea that–“being normal”–is something great to aspire to.
    Especially considering what –“being normal”–is to the left-brain/linear/ head-oriented inhabitants of this society.
    “Acting badly–in that old bad play”–pretending to be–“in control/and more together than in real-life”–is the way–that’s been passed on down through the centuries.
    It’s sure not my way–though–and even though Geddy Lee–said–“Be cool–or be cast out”—(he may not have agreed with it)—–I know I must “walk with open eyes/ and feel what I truly feel”–even when it looks silly/and obnoxious–on the outside.I heard a lightworkers prayer recently–and it so aptly
    suggested–“it’s no accident I feel what I feel”/ “It’s no accident I know what I know”–etc.”I must walk among those that are asleep–and be awake”.–etc.
    Anyway–I couldn’t stay here–anymore(in this earth plane)–to “pretend to be”–I just couldn’t–I’ve already done to much of that–in this lifetime.
    I have to be–“me”–/and I have to stay “real”–moment to moment—they can call me–“abnormal/ or an albatross/ or a Daddy long legs/or a disaster”–or all those other names/ and terms they use—but–I’m glad I’m not one of them—as–I feel–that’s the worst torture of all–when a human being–“betrays themself”–that’s the worst imprisonment of all.
    Oh ya!–they can call me a “paperiguana12”–as well–if they want–just as long as they don’t call me –“late for dinner!” paperiguana12.

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