The Coffee Project 11th Edition

Me:  Santa for Christmas I want a dragon.

Santa: Be realistic!

Me: OK, I want a loyal boyfriend.

Santa:  What color of Dragon do you want?

2015 was filled with the contemplations of 2014. Perhaps I am slightly jilted, or maybe, just maybe I have it all right. My bank account may be less, yet my heart and soul are full. Oh there are times I feel like the outcast, when all around me are couples, add in the many nights alone it would be reasonable to assume one may cave and settle for second best just to get rid of the ugly duckling complex. Yet I can not do it, being slapped in the face and literally thrown over board over past life choices has made me view life on a different trail. In 2014 I envisioned a life embracing being single, in 2015 I began with a solo cycling tour of New Zealand, wow talk about pushing limits, overcoming obstacles, and yet I relished every moment. Many talk about being free, I was free, it is only when I returned to the rat race of civilization, a job, did I feel the need to be with someone. Does that mean thoughts to be with someone are driven by the fake and unrealistic notions set by society? And Yes I think society has created a system where ones success is based on a materialistic scale. Proof, look at online dating profile questions, what is your profession, how much money do you make, do you own a car, do you have children? What does any of this have to do with being a valued person. So here is to 2016 where the contemplations from 2015 will see if materialistic pursuits or living win out.
Happiness is the freedom of thoughts, the freedom to dream, the freedom to do, now that truly makes me smile. 😃,


Published by fermentedsister

I feel most alive when I am outdoors surrounded by nature followed by a glass of wine recanting the day's adventure.

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